Kentucky Tornado Shelters & Storm Shelters

Kentucky Tornado Shelters, KY Storm Shelters

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Exactly what is your strategy in case of a fierce storm such as a tornado or hurricane? Where will your family go? If you are fortunate enough to have a basement or cellar, that will certainly offer some protection-- however it's not foolproof. Only a Tornado shelter or underground storm shelter can easily provide iron clad protection against tornadoes and the most inclement of storms that mother nature can dish out. Not just any sort of tornado shelter or storm cellar will certainly do. Storm shelters made out of inferior materials may not stand the extinuating circumstances of time. Steel tornado shelters are infamously known for rusting, breaking down or requiring great deals of maintenance and repair work, such as periodic paint because of filiform corrosion/oxidation creating the paint to pop off the units. Conrecte and fiberglass tornado shelters often fracture and crack when placed underground. A concrete storm shelter or storm cellar is most likely to leak and remain moist. Fiberglass storm shelters are also notoriously in the news now for their potential cancer causing health concerns amongst other issues. We have heard numerous reports of concrete tornado shelters and storm shelters filling up with ground water. Concrete, nevertheless, is a pourous product. Steel tornado shelters are dated inferior technology that will always rust, jeopardizing the architectural integrity and durability of steel. Steel tornado shelters also require a great deal of commitment and maintenace as it is also unavoidable to keep the paint from popping off of the steel storm shelter as a result of filiform corrosion.

However, shielding your family from tornadoes and storms is not the only explanation to buy a storm shelter. Did you know that in some real estaet markets across the country, by adding a tornado shelter you can improve the value of your residence? Most of us know that it's a challenging market around today. Anything that identifies your house from the numerous other residences on the marketplace could benefit you by reducing the marketing time of your house. Ask your qualified real estate professional their thoughts on the impact of including a storm shelter to your house will certainly be. We think that you'll be pleased.


America's Leading Tornado shelters on the news

Cincinnati, Ohio's Fox 19 news covers America's leading Underground Tornado Shelter, the Granger ISS and it's tremendous increase of sales during Tornado Season. Watch the video above as Fox 19 covers the Granger Plastics Tornado Shelter innovation.

Cincinnati, Ohio's CBS affiliate, WKRC covers the Granger Plastics Company's rotational molding innovation, the Granger ISS Storm Shelter. After a recent bad outbreak of storms and Tornadoes, Granger Plastics realized a growing demand for its superior quality, underground tornado shelter.

Chattanooga, Tennessee area dealer, Integrity Shelters is featured on a Tennessee television station, discussing their recent growth in Storm Shelter interest and business and how the Granger ISS Storm Shelter is the "Cadillac" of the single famly underground shelter industry.

An North Carolina Storm Shelter customer of ABS Storm Shelters of Greensboro, NC tells a Triad Region News Channel why they purchased a Granger ISS Underground Storm Shelter.

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter- USA TODAY

After the deadly and destructive Tornados in April of 2011, USA Today ran a cover story about the increasing demand for Tornado Saferooms all across the country. Granger Plastics and the Granger ISS Storm Shelter are featured in the article. Click the link to read the full story.

Underground Tornado Shelter Manufacturing

Watch in the video above as internationally recognized Rotational Molding leader, Granger Plastics Company shows the difference between a Storm Shelter produced by a World Class manufacturer and those that are built by less innovative and quality minded companies. Granger Plastics, being a Rotational Molding leader has provided industry leading solutions for a wide variety of industries ranging from Defense, Aerospace, Material Handling, Bulk Storage Containers, Tanks, Intermediate Bulk Containers, Memorial Products and so much more. To learn more about Granger Plastics, please visit

America's leading tornado shelter

For nearly 20 years, Granger Plastics has been involved in the manufacturing, research and development of multiple underground tornado shelters. In the last several years, Granger has unveiled and sucessfully marketed America's leading underground Tornado shelter, the Granger ISS. The Granger ISS is the only single family shelter that offers double wall protection with a safe room quality FEMA 320 & FEMA 361 exceeding door. See why thousands of families have purchased the #1 selling Tornado Shelter!

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